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How To Accessorise Your Wedding Gown

We’ve rounded up our favourite accessories that are sure to keep you comfortable and chic on your special day.

Finding your wedding gown is one thing, having to accessorise it is a whole other ball game. Finding luxurious, functional and practical accessories is tough; you can easily find yourself wearing earrings too heavy, shoes too uncomfortable, or just simply forgetting something as little as sun protection. We’ve rounded up our favourite accessories from our past and present ranges that are sure to keep you comfortable and chic on your special day.

Among the 11 accessories of our 2020/21 Elysian collection, the first standout piece for us is the backpack. Born out of Founder and Creative Director, Megan’s own troubles on her wedding day, she wanted to create something original and chic yet functional for brides needing somewhere to put their stuff.


The GRACE backpack has been truly tried and tested for function by our GRACE HQ team, with it being a clear favourite for all fashion-forward brides. It can comfortably hold your phone, lippy, perfume, compact, and anything else essential for you to keep on person for your wedding day, and beyond.

We’ve even been seeing elopement brides using the GRACE backpack to stow stuff away in when hiking up mountain tracks to reach that perfect photo destination! We love when fashion meets function.

Grace Backpack & Helena Hat


Another favourite fashion-forward accessory of ours is the GRACE Pendant. Designed to make a statement, the GRACE Pendant features the Grace Loves Lace signature mandala for the ultimate #GRACEBride. The GRACE Pendant drapes effortlessly on the chest, complimenting low-cut gowns perfectly. Available in both 14ct gold vermeil or sterling silver, this is a touch of GRACE you’ll wear on your wedding day and beyond.


For the carefree and spirited, the Chara Anklets feature freshwater pearls that are fastened by a sterling silver chain and hook. Elegant in their simplicity, these signature anklets are designed to complement your wedding gown and outfits beyond. The high quality, effortlessly chic duo are adjustable, ensuring the perfect fit.


Moving onto bridal clutches we’re sure you’ve seen a tonne of these on your search for a bridal bag! Our design team just weren’t fans of the stockstandard styles you see far and wide, so they created the Pearla Touch Up Bag.  

This cute-as-a-button micro-bag is chic while also maintaining – you guessed it, our favourite thing ever – function. It may look small, but it is deceptively roomy! You’ll have no problems fitting your essentials into this super-stylish handbag. The Pearla Touch Up Bag is so practical and is a completely unique look – it’s a must have for any bride looking to elevate their wedding day accessory-game.  


Earrings are the ultimate compliment to your perfect dress. They should complement your look, not dominate it, and we strongly believe refined and effortless is the way to go. Our favourite go-to’s are the Felipa earringsAvailable in 14ct gold vermeil or sterling silver, the lightweight Felipa Earrings are a modern addition to your wedding look. 

This earring is lightweight and easily goes with any wedding gown – the elevated detail of the freshwater pearls adds a little something special, tooThe chain is removable so if you just want to rock a pair of cute pearl studs, you can do that easily with the Felipa style. We’ve seen lots of brides’ swap from drop chain to stud between reception and ceremony – two earrings in one!  

There are over 12 different styles of earrings to discover on the site and in our showrooms.  


Finding the perfect wedding shoe is something we know a lot of brides tend to struggle with. Most of the time your shoe choice will be hidden by your gown, so comfort and minimalism are key for many brides-to-be. We created the Dosa heel as a solution for brides looking for something evergreen for their wedding shoe. The Dosa style is so comfortable that our showroom stylists are known to wear them all day throughout their bridal appointments! 

Available in both nude and white, this shoe is so extremely diverse in what it can match; there isn’t a dress our Dosa’s wouldn’t perfectly pair with. The barely-there look of this wedding shoe will never go out of style. Effortlessly elegant and understated, the iconic Dosa can be worn again, and again, and again.  


A modern take on the classic pearl and hand-crafted in sterling silver, these half hoops are delicately strung with freshwater pearls. A contemporary piece for your wedding day and beyond, the Solene Earrings will become a statement in your jewellery collection.


Bold. Confident. Captivating. The striking Loyola shawl in our exclusive floral silk burnout provides a little soft coverage for a balmy summer wedding. Complete with tassel trim – it’s the perfect way to customise your classic GRACE look.


For all our low back brides, we cannot say enough about how important your back profile is! Fun fact: of all the content we post to our socials, the people love back shots the most! Now, your back may not have ever been something you thought of accessorising, but we have got you covered. Our stunning Mata Backpiece is an art-deco inspired statement piece crafted from pearls and brass beads and finished with a peal tassel tail. 

The Mata Backpiece can be easily clasped to your GRACE gown or worn around your neck – like a necklace. It’s the ultimate addition to any low back gown and will ensure that every angle on your wedding day will be perfectly stylised and Instagram-worthy.  

Back shot of bride wearing Grace Loves Lace Mata Backpiece


And finally – an accessory perfect for dancing the night away – the Pope Silk Scarf! This is one of our favourite pieces from our accessories range due to how versatile and useful it is! The Pope Silk Scarf is perfect for your reception. When you’re wanting to sweep your hair up into a stylish ‘half-up’ while deep on the dance floor, do it with our scarf for an effortlessly undone look.   

You can tie the scarf loosely or in a bow for added drama. You can even swap the Pope Silk Scarf out for your veil at your ceremony if you’re wanting a unique and special look on your wedding day. This beautiful, silky scarf pairs perfectly with any of our GRACE gowns and will serve you long after your wedding day as a super-stylish hair accessory.  

There are just so many ways you can style your gown and really make it your own on your wedding day. We have a gorgeous array of accessories – so many more than just mentioned here – that you can explore online and in any of our showrooms.  

We know that styling your gown can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why we have a team of online stylists who know all our gowns and accessories back-to-front. They’re available 24/7 and are waiting to help you put together the perfect look that encompasses your very own personal style. 

We also love seeing all the creative ways our GRACE brides style their gowns, so be sure to share your looks with us on social using the hashtag #GRACEBride. We continuously look to you for inspiration on what to do next in the big, wide world of accessories!  

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