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Prelude; a film created by Founder and Creative Director Megan Ziems

Prelude; an action or event serving as an introduction to something else.

Introducing Prelude, a creative film directed by our founder and creative director Megan Ziems.  Inspired by the art of dance and music, Prelude encourages you to escape reality for a moment and awaken the imagination. 

Whether you’re a lover of the ballet, symphony or just simply need a form of escapism; Prelude is about producing something that transports you for a moment in time and feeds the creative soul. We have always said that our dresses are “luxury you can dance in” and this was a way to prove it. 

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We sat down with Megan Ziems as she talked about her inspiration behind Prelude

So, Meg, tell us, why did you set out to create Prelude

As a Creative Director, I am always looking for ways to explore my imagination and create beautiful content. Prelude was a way to express what was in my head. I wanted to produce a piece of art that was inspiring and that could take viewers on a journey. It’s easy to forget that although we design wedding dresses, at our core we are creatives, and nothing makes me more passionate than being able to create pieces like this film. 

Who were the incredible ballerinas involved in Prelude?

The ballerinas are Tahnee Pitchers, Bethany Cockburn and Layla Burgess – all incredibly talented and experienced dancers. I worked with Tahnee on the framework of the dance, working with the music, key moments and the storyline and how it would be produced. Tahnee led the way with the formal choreography, she did a brilliant job. We collaborated and edited at each rehearsal and even on the day so each of the dancers were part of the decision making.

Of all the forms of dance out there, why did you choose ballet for this film?

So, what comes first for me, always, is the music. I am on a constant search for music pieces that can bring my creative visions to life. So, when I first listened the music I ended up using for Prelude, I instantly envisioned ballet. I could see it all in my head, from the choreography, to how I wanted to film and edit everything together.

Ballet is such a powerful, yet elegant form of dance that requires so much incredible dedication, discipline and talent. I have so much respect for how powerful the dancers are and how hard they work.

So, the music… it’s very interesting to know that’s what sparked your vision for Prelude. How did you select the music, and why this track?

I love powerful instrumental music that takes you on a journey with strong highs and lows. I instantly get transported into creative overdrive. When I first heard this piece – after probably listening to over 500 pieces – I knew that it was perfect for producing a high impact piece.

How did you come up with the concept of Prelude?

This project came about from my desire to tell a story. I wanted to showcase the power of women through dance. It was a very personal project for me; from filming it at my home, to using music that made me feel such strong emotions. I wanted to create something that would spark emotion in viewers, too. 

A lot of the work I did on this film was during COVID lockdown. I was focusing on what mattered to me… at home, at work, in the world. I wanted to find a way of cutting through the noise and to reengage my imagination. Prelude was about escapism and the desire to delve into the creative world inside my mind that inspires Grace Loves Lace.

You speak with such unbridled passion about this film, it’s so special. Where do you think this comes from?

It’s the first creative piece in years that I have had the time to create… that hasn’t involved wedding dresses! So, for me it was an obsessive moment to get completely absorbed into the world of dance and music. I’ve watched it a thousand times and I could watch it a thousand times more. I am so happy with how it all came together, it’s even more perfect that how I originally imagined it would be. 

You keep talking about sparking emotion within viewers. What do you want people to feel after watching Prelude?

I want viewers to be able to escape reality for a moment and to really feel the music. I want them to go on a journey with the ballerinas and become enamored with how beautifully they move, so synchronised with the instruments. It’s almost a form of meditation – which I’m sure we are all needing these days! If you get anything out of watching Prelude, I hope it’s that you feel inspired to let your imagination run wild… it’s quite amazing what you can do when you let creativity take over. 

And lastly, after such a labour of love creating this film, how does it make you feel?

I have felt all the feels throughout the entire process, especially the final editing stages. I’ve been in tears because I’m just so in my happy place, creatively. I’m so proud of seeing something that started in my head be executed so beautifully. 

Working with the dancers was a dream come true and I have loved every minute of it. Seeing them “get” my vision and be as passionate about Prelude as I am, has been extraordinarily special. More than anything, it makes me inspired to keep creating things like this. It’s so important to find time in your life to nurture creativity.

Directed by:
Megan Zeims
Featuring: Bethany Cockburn, Tahnee Pitchers & Layla Burgess
Filmmaker: Alan Woodman
Photographer: Pierre Toussaint & Dylan Jones
Floral Installation: Bloodwood Botanica

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