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Anissa in the Orla & the Pearly Long Veil

A beautiful tropical wedding in Maui, Hawaii.

A Grace woman to you is...

Strong, adventurous, passionate, and allows her heart to guide her.

What is it you loved about your GLL gown and accessories?

A women’s gown and accessories is a reflection of her essence and what a bride wants to feel like on her wedding day. My GLL gown and accessories were sexy, elegant, and timeless, which is exactly what I wanted to feel like on my wedding day.

Did you go to a GLL showroom or purchase your gown online? Tell us about this experience.

I went into the GLL showroom on Abbott Kinney with my best friend. We were welcomed by the stylist I was in contact with, Hayley. She was so nice, fun, and made the moment so special. We got a little champagne and had the best time in the gorgeous showroom, that makes you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

Describe your wedding day look...

My wedding day look was modern and timeless.

How did he/she propose?

My husband proposed to me on Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbra, Ca, during a little weekend getaway.

What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

It was really important to use that it felt intimate, inviting, and most importantly fun!

The funniest moments on the day were...

I think the funniest moment was me trying not to get poke on my dress as I snuck in a little food before we got to the ceremony location. My bridesmaids put napkins all over me and I had to eat tiny bites out of one of my bridesmaid’s laps.

What was the most stressful part to planning?

The most stressful part was never seeing the venue, trying the food, or meeting anyone from the companies we hired. Everything was done via, phone, email, and zoom. I had to simply trust it would all come together! Luckily it did, and it truly was so beautiful!

Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share...

Don’t go crazy trying to change how you look for your wedding, still be you, but definitely indulge in pampering yourself.

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Don’t go crazy trying to change how you look for your wedding, still be you, but definitely indulge in pampering yourself.

With all the planning remember to drink plenty of water, and stay hydrated if you have a destination wedding. Also, drink plenty of water on the flight to combat that swelling and dehydration flying causes.

Remember this day is about you and your husband. You’re gonna get a lot of opinions, about literally everything, but make sure you’re not trying to people please. This is the day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl, you deserve what you want, in the nicest way, don’t change something cause your aunt doesn’t like it.

Have moments to stop and watch your wedding. A friend passed on this advice she got for her wedding and it gave us moments to suspend and watch all our loved ones come together and celebrate our partnership. Slowing down when you can and watching is truly magical.

Life goes by so fast, and your wedding goes by even faster. Take it all in, love the good and bad experiences that come your way, remember to laugh about silly things, and breathe. You made it to your wedding, and you are beautiful.


THE BRIDE WORE: The Orla Gown, Pearly Long Veil and the Mata backpiece
THE GROOM WORE: @Suitsupply
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Nicole @laurennicolephoto_
VIDEOGRAPHER: Loved Films @lovedfilms
CEREMONY VENUE: Mauka Lani Estate on the island of Maui
FLORIST: Wild Heart Flowers @wildheartflowers
HAIR & MAKEUP STYLIST: Meili Autumn Beauty @meiliautumnbeauty
CATERING: Aloha Bars Maui @alohabarsmaui
OTHER VENDOR DETAILS: Local Boys Shave Ice @localboysmaui
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