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Michael & Beatriz in the Luca Gown

The perfect setting for a perfect elopement. In the hills of Santa Barbara #GRACEbride Beatriz wore our LUCA gown for their private ceremony and dinner at the Shamsah rooftop of Hotel Californian.

A Grace woman to you is...

A woman who stays true to herself, is courageous, confident, and radiates positivity.

Which GRACE dress did you choose and how did you know it was ‘The One’?

For my GRACE wedding dress, I chose the LUCA. I knew it was ‘THE ONE’ because it felt very me when I first laid eyes on it online and then when I tried it on in-store. I LOVED the long fitted lace sleeves (this was something I always imagined for my dress). The gown and the scooping low back accentuated my figure. It had all the right elements – sexy, elegant, and effortless. It’s a dress I’ll look back on years from now and still love! It was perfect for me.

Tell us about your experience when you found your dress, did you buy your wedding dress online or in one of our showrooms?

I first found my dress online. I had an image of the LUCA dress saved in an Instagram folder labeled “WEDDING INSPO.” After having a browse through the Grace Loves Lace site, I was even more inspired! I booked an appointment to try on dresses (especially the LUCA) at the Venice, CA. showroom location. When I walked into the showroom, I remember being captivated by all the cutesy details in every corner, the elegantly hanging dresses, and beautiful display of bridal accessories. I had a really good feeling that I would find my dress here! There were a total of three dresses that I ended up loving and they were all so different. Out of the three, the LUCA was the one I kept going back to and ended up going with. I had a champagne toast to finding my dress and left the showroom, a happy girl!

How did you feel in your dress on the day?

I felt so many beautiful things in my wedding dress. If only there was a single word to put all these words into one: elegant, sexy, beautiful, effortless, dreamy, romantic, confident, empowered, on cloud 9 and ready to marry my person.

Where did you get married? Tell us about the location & the style of your wedding day.

Michael and I had an elopement wedding in beautiful Santa Barbara. We had both our ceremony and private dinner at the Shamsah rooftop of Hotel Californian. This was the very first venue we looked at and the one we ended up going with! It had the picture-perfect views of our dreams: mountains, palm trees, and the ocean combined. Hotel Californian is very Spanish and Mediterranean style. Santa Barbara is very laid back yet luxe. A perfect combination of both of our styles. There is natural beauty all around. We had a romantic sunset dinner that went on through the night, with all of our favorite songs playing in the background. We danced, we laughed, we cried, and we celebrated! This is a place and day that will forever be special for us!

Tell us about your hair and makeup look and the accessories you chose...

For my hair and makeup, I wanted to go for more of an effortless look. I went with a partial hair updo. I had my hair done in loose waves and was accessorized with white roses– an idea that was inspired by Grace Loves Lace! This hair detail complimented the scooped back and lace LUCA dress. This hair style was at the top of my inspiration board. I LOVED it! For my makeup, it was more on the neutral side. I wanted to look natural but still done up. Neutral eyeshadows and bronzers are typically my everyday favorites but were elevated and applied articulately by my makeup stylist. I also went with a matte light pink lip. It was the perfect glam for me!

What made your day extra special?

Everything from the dress, to the location’s natural beauty, the romantic views, flowers and candles, and all the love is what made my day special. It all came together harmonically. It was the moment I slipped into my dress and walked down the aisle that felt so magically real for me. This was the moment where the uncontrollable happy tears, the rush of love, and all the beautiful emotions came to me at once. A moment I found to be extra special.

The funniest moment on the day was....

All the attention and congratulations we were getting from people walking by and my husband Michael loving it! We were doing a shoot where we cross the street to the hotel and a group of bystanders were cheering us on and Michael was bowing saying thank you and asked the people if we should do another shot – they cheered some more. It was something out of a movie and we all laughed!

Where will you be honeymooning?

We honeymooned in Crete, Greece. It’s the biggest Greek Island and a place that has been on top of our travel must-see list. This island is surrounded by so many unique beaches and the food was one of the best I’ve had. There was no bad meal, everything was fresh and organic. The people were very generous and kind. The towns were a pastel dream. We saw pink beaches (something that was on my bucket-list), went on a private boat ride along the Mediterranean sea, saw places you can only get to by boat, stayed at the most beautiful resort, and got to learn more about their culture. We took in all its beauty!

Any last advice of words of wisdom that you can share with future GRACE brides...

Be present, have a plan that feels good and realistic, and find moments to pause time to say sweet and funny things to each other – Afterall, it’s about you and your loved one. This day goes by so fast so remember to take it in, have fun, and dance the night away!


Groom Wore: Made by a local tailor. 
Photographer: @laurynvictoria
Venue: @hotelcalifornian
Florist: Table flower arrangement made by me and bouquet by my talented aunt Leticia @leticia_isabella
Hair Stylist: Vanessa Gomez || @vangohair
Makeup Stylist: Vanessa Gomez || @vangohair
Catering: @hotelcalifornian
Wedding Planner: I had an elopement wedding. The planning was coordinated by Hotel Californian and myself.
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