This is your last chance to secure ‘The One’! 

Our laces are exclusive to Grace Loves Lace and are produced in limited quantities which means they cannot be found anywhere else. We scour the most boutique, artisanal, traditional and family-run fabric mills of Europe to secure the best quality and most beautiful fabrics. This means that the dress you love won’t be around forever. With that in mind, make her yours before she’s gone.  

These wedding gowns are the classics. In this way, they represent the inception and early days of Grace Loves Lace. For many, these dresses were their first connection to the brand, and for that, we are forever grateful. 

In short, don’t let ‘The One’ get away. It’s time to say goodbye before she’s gone forever! Don’t miss out on your final opportunity to be a Grace Loves Lace bride. 

Showing all 11 results

Showing all 11 results