Silky Satin Edit

The Silky Satin Edit will remain in your life forever


Finally, dresses and occasion wear that you and your bridesmaids will love. The girls who stand beside you on your wedding day are undeniably your cheer squad. They are the ones who celebrate you at your best and have held your hand through the worst. You know they want a bridesmaid dress they will love and wear again.


With an array of styles to choose from, there is something for everyone. For a bridesmaid dress under $200, the Silky Satin Mini is the perfect, accessible dress. The Silky Satin Midi is the wardrobe staple that remains uninfluenced by trends or time. For the modern bridesmaid or bride, The Silky Satin Set makes a profound statement and pairs back with everything in your wardrobe. With that in mind, you can mix and match your bridesmaid silhouettes to create your own Silky Satin collection. 


The Silky Satin Edit has been carefully designed to flatter every woman, in a heavier satin that glides over the body whilst disguising lumps and bumps. Finished with internal French seams, the pieces are meticulously handmade, easy to care for and don’t mark easily. 


During the design process, the colours were really important to us. Consequently, we developed elegant hues that would be striking on your wedding day and hold their own at every event post-wedding. Regardless of which shade you choose, each look is modern and timeless at once. 

With one swish of Silky Satin, we have changed the face of bridal and bridesmaid dressing. Inspired by the woman who knows what she wants, these are the must-have additions to every wardrobe and you’ll be wanting one (or all of them!) for yourself. 

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Showing all 23 results