Channing in the Alexandra Gown

Bride wearing Grace Loves Lace Alexandra Gown holding hands with groom under archway made of sparklers

Channing & Kevin

In the Alexandra Gown

A GLL woman is to you…

“Simply beautiful, timeless and graceful. Your true beauty will shine even brighter in a GLL gown. I have to say I didn’t find my GLL gown, my gown found me.”

How did you decide on your GLL gown and accessories?

I really spent time on making sure I chose the right dress with the very simple accessories. I am a simple girl & knew the dress was going to be my main focus. My shoes were silver with diamonds & I wore diamond stud earrings. Very simple & classy.

Describe your wedding day look…

Bohemian, Rustic, Tropical

How did he propose?

On top of the Empire State Building, the sun was out & it was such a perfect & beautiful September day.

What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

My goal was to have all of our friends and family under one tree (literally). We wanted the day to be magical & sweet. We wanted our guest to feel warm, welcomed, & leave feeling full with love.

The funniest moment on the day was…

When we found out our catering truck drove off a cliff (don’t worry everyone survived). A last minute strike mission for pizza and tequila ended up being the hit of the party.

What was the most stressful part to planning?

Keeping our wedding dream alive without totally breaking the bank. We definitely had to pick and choose very carefully.

Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

I went on a 9 month journey of “working from the inside out.” Working with mentors, therapists, healers and guides which then started to show externally. I also did lots of body work (massages), facials, personal training & yoga. Give yourself enough time to get to a place where you feel confident & ready for your special day, don’t rush anything or go on any crazy diet. Just sweat lots and balance your mind, body, soul.

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

I would tell every bride to think of this as a wedding “journey.” Feel everything all the time. If you wanna cry, cry. If you wanna scream, scream. Make sure you are honouring yourself and all your feelings, so that you can reach your true divine beauty that is within all of us. You are beautiful & are experiencing such an amazing part in your life. Your day will be special if you create that space in your heart to allow that.


The Bride Wore: Alexandra Gown
The Groom wore: Theory
Photographer: Vtyler Photography
Videographer: Jake Price
Location: Santa Rosa Plateau, CA, USA
Venue: Private Home
Florist: Francos Flower
Stylist: Myself & Benny & Blair Events
Hair: Daniella Anderson
Makeup: Victoria Mcgrath / Vixavage Makeup Artistry
Catering: (Last minute local pizza place)
Photo Booth: Vacay Photo Booth
Music: Tyson Motsenbocker
DJ: Flo Diaz