Julia in the Verdelle Gown

Bride wearing Grace Loves Lace Verdelle 2.0 Gown embracing groom

Jon & Julia

In the Verdelle Gown

How did you meet / How did it all begin?

Jon and I met when we were both working at Cronulla Beach.Back thenJon was a surf instructor and I had a part-time job at the beachside café. We would see each other and wave but one day while we were both out to dinner with friends Jon approached me and asked if he could take me surfing one morning; I told him I had no idea how to surf but that became our first date. Jon followed that up soon after with dinner at an Italian Restaurant.

Tell us a little bit about your engagement story?

I was completely surprised! It was my birthday and like we would on any old day, Jon and I were on our early morning beach walk. We came to a spot in the sand dunes where there was no one around. Jon pulled a photo album from his bag and handed it to me. This was nothing out of the ordinary as we always make each other photo albums for our birthdays. Whilst sitting together on the beach we went through the album. When I reached the final page there was a picture of Jon holding a little timber box. Naively I looked up and said “Ha ha! I don’t even remember this photo!” Only to see Jon down on one knee, holding open the little timber box with an engagement ring inside.

What first attracted you to your partner?

Jon loves the outdoors and adventure! Every time we spend together is exciting and unpredictable … it’s so attractive for someone to love life like Jon does! Oh, and he is super good looking!!

Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding?

No particular place. I feel like everything was just our own style. We love the outdoors and our Pastor was happy to marry us in the Park. My home is always full of fresh flowers and candles and they have good vibes for me so we filled every table with candles, greens and blush blooms. Some of the greens were actually passion fruit vines, which I think looked wonderful! 

Our family Christmas meal is always a big occasion with antipasto and shared platters; James Lancaster makes the best! It looked so good people even took photos of the food!

What was your most memorable moment? 

Jon and I both felt that our whole day was perfect! There is not one thing we would change. So it’s pretty hard to pick one memorable moment but our wedding had a pretty awesome dance floor and I would say that was what I remember the most! All the boys whipping their ties off so they could get into the dancing and girls with their shoes off singing their lungs out to ‘Horses’ by Darrel Braithwaite. But close second would be watching our family and friends sitting by the banks of the Hacking River after our ceremony having a ball on the most beautiful afternoon, listening to acoustic music while making there own antipasto boards! Yeah! That made me pretty happy.

What is your tip of advice for future brides?

Keep things in perspective – it is your commitment that is the important event.  

Don’t let anyone tell you. “At a normal wedding..” or “The weddings I’ve been to they had..” There are no rules. We didn’t follow any and everyone had a great day. And more importantly Jon and I, on this very special day, had the best time of our lives because everything was so “us”.

How would you describe Grace Loves Lace in a sentence? 

The Grace Loves Lace dress was so comfortable and felt fabulous as Jon spun me around the Dancehall; it really helped to make my dreams come true.

How did you choose your GLL dress?

Funny story actually! Excitedly just before Christmas I flew from Sydney to Gold Coast to visit the Grace Loves Lace studio with my Mum, sister and cousin. I had a few dresses in mind but when we arrived I was sadly told that the dress I really wanted was out of stock! After I had tried on a few other styles I was considering the Bambi. Sensing my disappointment a call was made to the Stockroom to check the next availability date. To everyone’s surprise a check located one last dress; the computer stock list was out and it was in my size so I bought it straight away and it arrived that week! And that’s how I ended up with my Verdelle! It was meant to be.

What jewellery and accessories did you wear? 

I’m not a jewellery person but I wore the diamond studs that Jon bought me when we collected our wedding rings and a white gold bangle given by my parents on my Graduation Day. Very simple, but I guess it made my new shiny wedding ring stand out!

What did your partner wear?

The boys surprised me by choosing to wear formal suits and the boys all looked crazy good! The suits were from Top Shop.


The Bride Wore: Verdelle Gown
The Groom Wore: Top Shop
Photographer & Videographer: Kieran Moore Photography
Venue: Audley Dancehall, The Royal National Park, NSW
Florist: The Sisters
Hair: Ellise Pressley
Makeup: Mel Riccio