Katie in the Inca Gown

Bride wearing Grace Loves Lace Inca Gown leaning in to kiss groom

Sam & Katie

In the Inca Gown

How did you meet / How did it all begin?

We met in Fresno California. Sam came over from Melbourne, Australia to play collegiate tennis. We met through a mutual friend and became good friends, at first. After about a year of being best friends things got steamy and he wanted to be my first “official” boyfriend, but both agreed we would break up at the end of the semester (3 weeks later) when he would transfer to another school somewhere in the states or back home in Aus. Three weeks came and went and we found ourselves moving to the Bay Area together while he pursued a mechanical engineering/robotics degree. I’d say the three week risk was worth it. 😉

What was your first date?

We never really had a first date hahaha. He’s a charmer I swear.

Tell us a little bit about your engagement story?

Sam decided to plan a trip to the beautiful Lake Tahoe in California. Seeing that he never plans anything I was a little curious as to what this trip entailed. I went with it and it was absolutely perfect. He did well haha. He got me up at 5am to go out to Emerald Bay with our Kayaks. We kayaked to Finnet Island while the sun was rising and then hiked to the top. He set up the GoPro (he always does this so I didn’t think anything of it). While sitting there he happened to grab the ring box but dropped it, now this is hilarious to us because Sam is known to never drop anything, (nerves?..hahaha). Anyway, I looked at what he dropped and knew what it was the second I saw it. It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He couldn’t have done better. It’s a sentimental ring as his uncle who made his mum’s ring also happened to make mine and ship it over from Aus to the states. 🙂

What first attracted you to your partner?

His ginger nog/confidence/humour/cheeky smile.

Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding?


What was your most memorable moment?

When we had our first look before the ceremony. Sam was absolutely sure he wouldn’t get emotional but when the time came and he turned around, the tears came fast. It was the sweetest thing and somehow made me fall in love with him that much more. Love you handsome.

What is your tip of advice for future brides?

My advice would be to do the first look. I was really skeptical about him seeing me before the ceremony. But it was the best decision made that day. We got all of our photos done before the ceremony. That way during cocktail hour we were actually able to spend time with all of our guests and enjoy with them. I also enjoyed having him by my side all day as I was so nervous about it all. I can also tell you not to stress, but reality is, you are going to stress and be nervous. Just try to remember this is your day, worry less and love more.

How would you describe Grace Loves Lace in a sentence?

Perfection, unique, dreamy, lovely.

How did you find Grace Loves Lace?

Pinterest, years ago. I knew the INCA was my dress the moment I saw it. I knew before I even thought Sam and I would get married. People called me crazy for buying my dress online before even trying it on, but I knew it was my dress. When I tried it on I fell in love with it even more.


The Bride Wore: The Inca Gown
The Groom Wore: Men’s Wearhouse Kenneth Cole Collection
Photographer: Seth and Kaiti Photography
Venue: The Lodge at Gearhart’s Little Beach
Hair: Limon Salon
Makeup: Kayla Stagnoli