Ruan &
Kirsty in the Honey Silk Gown

Grace Bride Kirsty and new hubby Ruan say 'I Do' at their modern yet romantic wedding in Cape Town, South Africa.

Bride Kirsty and Groom Ruan on their wedding day

What is a Grace woman to you?

A bride who is understated yet fearless at the same time. The bride who knows there is bravery in simplicity, and loves a timeless approach to a wedding gown!

GRACE Bride, Kirsty in the Honey Silk Gown

Which dress did you wear and how did you know it was 'The One'?

I chose Honey Silk, and I already knew it was the one the first time I saw it on Pinterest. When I went to visit the Grace Loves Lace showroom I was open to other dresses because Grace has so many gorgeous dresses but the second I saw myself in Honey Silk I knew it was the ONE! 

Bride, Kirsty in Grace Loves Lace with Bridesmaids
GRACE Bride, Kirsty and new husband, Ruan
Wedding table layout with bouquet

Tell us about your experience when you found your dress.
Did you buy your wedding dress online or visit one of our Showrooms?

I visited the London showroom which was an incredible experience. The bridal consultants there make you feel so welcome and special, and have soooo much expertise! Although, I certainly wouldn’t have minded ordering online as one of the things that drew me to Grace was the ease of the online shopping experience - the transparency with pricing is something I really appreciated. But the Grace showroom was just magical and definitely worth a visit!

The Honey Silk Gown

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GRACE Bride, Kirsty kissing her new husband, Ruan

Pearly Long Veil

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Kirsty in the Honey Silk Gown and Pearly Long Veil

What did you do for your first date?

Our first date was over FaceTime. We met online!

Groom, Ruan kissing new bride, Kirsty
Bride and Groom outside wedding chapel

Where did you get married?
Tell us about the location & the style of your wedding.

We got married at BOSJES in Cape Town, South Africa. Our wedding style was modern but romantic, we really wanted our wedding day to be unique and didn’t want to stick to trends or traditions. We were so inspired by our venue and used that as inspiration in every aspect of our day.

Bride and Groom walking with mountains behind
Bride and Groom in front of wedding reception venue
GRACE Bride Kirsty in Grace Loves Lace gownHoney Silk

The funniest and most suprising moment on the day...

Funniest moment was definitely a groomsman spinning on his head, our after party was a whole vibe! Most surprising to me was my grooms reaction when I walked down the aisle, I certainly never expected him to cry.

Bride and Groom during wedding ceremony
Reception table layout

Did you DIY anything?

All of our stationery, we had issues with stationery vendors last minute and I ended up having to “make it work”.

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share?

When choosing a dress, be sure to think of the full picture. Think of your veil, jewellery and even hairstyle, because it can really affect your dress choices. I knew I wanted the Pearly Long Veil, and that made my dress choice much easier because certain pairings are just magic. Certain hairstyles best suit different necklines and the backs of dresses. Just the same way accessories can make or break a normal outfit, the way you style your dress can take your wedding day look to the next level!


WEDDING DRESS: Honey silk gown
VEIL: pearly long veil
Groom’s outfit: XANA'S DESIGNS
Photographer: bianca asher
Venue: bosjes
Florist: happiest floral
Hair Stylist: mary gouveia
Makeup Stylist: hannah kruyer
Catering: bosjes
wedding planner: margot coetzee
decor: happiest hire