Careers at Grace

“At Grace Loves Lace our vision is to be the ICONIC and respected leader in the modern bridal world.”

Achieving this goal relies on our passionate, exceptional and authentic high performing team across the globe. It also requires a key strategic focus on hiring talented team members who will push creative boundaries, be excited at pioneering new ideas and look for ways to challenge convention.

If you’re interested in growing and developing a long-term career at Grace Loves Lace in one of our global showrooms, headquarters or our manufacturing studio we would love to hear from you!

Our Values

Graceful: We conduct ourselves with integrity, pride and care.

Respectful: We are diverse, inclusive and rare. We welcome and respect what makes us unique.

Authentic: We are true to ourselves and led by passion and belief in everything we do.

Caring: We are the GRACE family. We treat others as we want to be treated, acting with genuine care and love.

Exceptional: We are high achievers, progressive, innovative and experienced yet focused.

Our Benefits

We are always looking to improve and grow with the help of our own. This means we love rewarding and celebrating our talented team members. Being part of a highly passionate team in a growing global business is just one of the many benefits of joining our team!

GRACE Familia

Our team members are a diverse and eclectic mix but one thing we all have in common is a passion for our brand. We are a driven team that know how to work hard and have fun doing it! Get involved with staff events & celebrations, internal committees, lots of encouragement and opportunities to voice how we can continue to share our passion globally!

GRACE Growth & Development

Your development and growth are our priority. We value talent looking to grow and learn with us and we offer opportunities that will take you around the world. With a growing global team, we celebrate internal progression and support you in your career journey!

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GRACE Ethics & Sustainability

Quality and ethical manufacturing are the core of what we do at GLL. We are sharing our passion and unique collections with modern women worldwide, across 80 different countries!
We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes with all garments designed and manufactured in our beautiful Burleigh Heads manufacturing hub.


We offer generous staff discounts for team members, family & friends!
Access to exclusive staff sample and product sales.
Monthly global employee recognition program.
Access to our free and confidential Employee Assistance Program + many more benefits!

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