Bust Size Guide

Step 1. Determine Your Underbust Size

Ideally have someone else take these measurements for you. Stand with your arms resting by your side. Measure around the body directly under the bust, ensure the tape is straight all the way around, and firm but comfortable. It is best to take this measurement while you are not wearing a bra, or you can wear a strapless, non padded bra-just be careful not to sit the tape over the bra or underwire. This measurement is your UNDERBUST.

Use Step 1 in the chart to determine your UNDERBUST size.

Step 2. Determine Your Cup Size

This measurement is best taken wearing a strapless non padded bra. Measure around the fullest part of the bust (usually over the nipple). Hold the tape firmly but comfortably. Make sure the tape measure is straight across your back and sits parallel to the floor. This measurement is your Bust size.

Use Step 2 to establish your CUP size.