Cassidy in the Mai Gown

Blonde bride wearing Grace Loves Lace Mai Gown kissing groom near river and bridge

Zachary & Cassidy

In the Mai Gown and the Mandala Veil

A GLL woman is to you…

“Fierce, industrious and has the ability to hold this ineffable aura about her.”

What is it you loved about your GLL gown and accessories?

I always knew I wanted the elegance and timelessness of a long sleeve lace but never seemed to come across the perfect one for me. That is until GLL’s Elixir Collection came out and I knew I had found my dress – The Mai! From the intricate details of the different laces overlapping another, the freeing V neck design + middle slit, to the scalloped lace that reminded me of seashells channeling my inner mermaid. I not only felt like a bride but a woman of elegance and substance.

Did you go to a GLL showroom or purchase your gown online? Tell us about this experience.

A few hours after we got engaged I said out loud “oh my gosh, this means I get to go to Grace Loves Lace!” haha! I live in Northern California so it’s only an hour plane ride to GLL’s LA showroom and I was gunning for the FULL experience. So my Maid Of Honor, my older sister, and my now sister in law booked our flights and headed down to So-Cal for two days of pure bliss. Walking down Abbot Kinney blvd and seeing the logo above the door I literally did a happy dance before we entered. We were greeted with champagne by Hayley and had the showroom to ourselves making it so special and intimate. Hayley had me try on the MAI gown first since it was my favorite and even though I tried on the rest, my mind was already made up. To look at a gown for a year and a half and dream of putting it on someday and it fitting just how you imagined, well, there’s really no better feeling.

Describe your wedding day look…

Timeless, intentional, simple.

How did he propose?

At sunrise, in 40 degree weather with me barefoot, and 7,000 feet up. We were shooting a fun ‘just because’ shoot in Yosemite with none other than Brooke Shannon and Zachary took the opportunity to pop the question! Brooke and I had planned the whole trip from where we would be shooting to what times etc. so I really didn’t suspect Zack to propose that weekend. But that was exactly what he wanted ;). It wasn’t until literally the morning of that Brooke was told that Zack would be doing the proposal during the shoot so she had no idea either ! We were on the edge of Glacier Point and all of the sudden he’s down on his knee asking me to be his forever and all that could escape my mouth was “you’re lying, this is not real”along with my nervous laugh I have, the poor guy had to say “soo is that a yes?” and our adventure began!

What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

Everyone knowing that they had a part to play in the people we are today and the couple we grew to be. In the 9 years we’ve been together we have been blessed to truly have the strongest village one could ask for. Along with soaking in the fact that we had all of our huge, blended family together for the first time ever in our lives. 4 sets of parents, 15 siblings (not including significant others) and all our nieces and nephews along with our extended family and friends. That just doesn’t happen for us so it was truly the best thing about the whole day.

The funniest moment on the day was…

When I was making my way across the cement + down the aisle my veil and dress kept getting snagged on the way down. It’s hard to look gracious and elegant when your head keeps getting yanked back from the concrete and by the time I made it to Zack the ends of everything were dirty and I loved it, haha! I was cracking up inside. During the ceremony I was so giddy through it all that I kept looking out over the crowd to see each face and would just stare smiling like a little kid on Christmas morning! And then there was the moment in our Slow Motion Booth that my father in law comes into the frame with a Sharks head/mask on and couldn’t see that he was about to nail me right in the chin (and he did) and it’s all in slow motion for evidence, ha!

What was the most stressful part to planning?

I think most everyone could agree (especially with a private estate wedding) that it’s the details. The last minute Amazon prime orders that come in the day before the wedding weekend begins, figuring out things that you had no idea would even be on the list to making everyone happy with the seating chart.

Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

This sounds horrible but I actually did nothing to prepare to have a wedding day ‘glow’. I was so stressed from working full time + running a business + planning the wedding that I indulged on food, wine, and anything my heart desired. (I’m a huge fan of stress eating) BUT I did cut down on meat intake for a few weeks leading up to the day to help out my skin and I ended up losing alittle weight because of it I think!

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Do what YOU want. I know you’ll hear this one and over again. But it’s so important to really consider what feels true in your heart and how you want to spend the day marrying your soulmate. Whether it be a big, blow out wedding or just you two on top of a mountain. Because you’ll never regret something that truly makes you and your S.O. truly happy.

Regardless, laugh at the little disasters that may happen, stay off your phone, take a mental picture of everything going on around you, relish in the fact that your people are all around you on one day and that you’re promising yourself to one another, everything else is just a bonus.


The Bride Wore: Mai gown and the Mandala Veil
Earrings: Local Eclectic
The Groom Wore: RL Douglas
Photographer: Brooke Shannon Photography
Videographer: Brandon Hansen
Florist: Floranthropist
Location: Palo Cedro, CA, USA
Stylist & Planning: My Dear Weddings
Makeup: Leslie Hernandez
Hair: Hair by Breanna
Catering: BC Catering
PhotoBooth: The Slow Motion Booth
Rentals: Rustic Charm Rentals
Decor Rentals: Sweet Little Details
DJ: Net Sound