Fiona in the Lottie Gown

Blonde bride wearing Grace Loves Lace Lottie Gown being held by groom

Patrick & Fiona

In the Lottie Gown

A GLL woman is to you…

She is exciting, she is unique and she does things her way.

How did you decide on your GLL gown and accessories?

Grace Loves Lace has always been a dream bridal brand for me. It embodies an elegant, simple and artistic style. I wanted to feel like myself on the day, with a natural beauty. I’m not a traditional bride (clearly, we left Australia, married in secret and kept it to ourselves for 3 months!) I chose the Gaia earrings because they’re not your average pearl earring and will be a heirloom in our family now. I love wearing heels, and I chose the Dosa’s because they are the most comfortable things I have ever tried on! I was so happy that I could walk for hours for photos around the hillside town and my feet were still ok! I’m also extremely lucky to know two lovely and amazing people that work at GLL and my stylist was so professional and kind hearted – I was so impressed how much they all knew about the materials, fit, styles and personality of the gowns. Thank you, Stacey, Kate and Liv!

Describe your look in three words…

Natural, uncomplicated, delicate

How did he propose?

Pat kept me guessing that’s for sure. You might say that’s a bit mean, but he wanted to make sure it was a surprise. Whenever the topic would come up, he would brush it off and pretend like it was a long way off… when really, the ring was already being made! He proposed on Christmas Eve (yep, super cliche!) and we spent the day doing what we love to do most, at the beach with our dog, Wilbur. Pat said he would have liked to propose there, but he was so scared he would lose the ring in the sand! So when we came home, he cooked us a lovely dinner and suggested we exchange presents early. He then convinced me that my present was outside and he made me hide in the laundry while he got it (I honestly thought it was a puppy! Then I got worried… I really didn’t want another dog! All I was thinking while I was waiting was that I wouldn’t be able to deal with all the hair!) Pat then set up a camera, got down on one knee and asked me to come out.. the rest is history!

What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

We just wanted it to be us, no fuss, just love. We got married at 5pm, so we spent majority of the morning/afternoon at the beach club on the coast of Ravello drinking champagne, swimming in the Mediterranean sea and just hanging out – it was truly an amazing day to not have to stress about seating arrangements, copious amounts of guests, styling (no need with the location we had!) or anything like that. It was especially amazing to know that later that day we would have a small ceremony and get to share our vows with one another.

The funniest moment on the day was…

Pat and I had been drinking champagne all day. So, by the time we got to dinner at the hotel, they asked, “what would you like to drink? Shall we bring you some champagne?” I thought, please no more, I can’t do it. So I said “well, we have been in Italy for a week now, and we still haven’t had any limoncello!” the waiter said, “scusi madam, are you sure?” (to which, I should have picked up on his apprehension). “Of course!” I said “I love lemon, lets have two”. The waiter heard that as “two shots of limoncello each” and brought us these huge glasses of the sweet stuff. We took a sip and it was by far the sweetest, most overpowering liquor we’ve ever had! It was a huge fail. If you have ever had it, you would know never to have it straight up, before a meal!

Another funny moment was when we were having photos after the ceremony… we walked past a restaurant we had dinner at the night before (by far the best pasta I have ever had in my entire LIFE, Trattoria Da Cumpa ‘Cosimo, where one of the waiters saw us and ran out with a bottle of champagne and glasses saying “Evviva gli sposi!” (which means long live the bride and groom). It was so lovely and unexpected. But our videographer was not impressed. They were speaking very fast incoherent Italian to each other while he kept pointing at his watch (we were almost at the end of photos and had been shooting for almost 2 hours!) but Pat and I quickly downed the champagne (I mean, how often do you get to rome around Ravello with strangers offering you champagne?) and then continued on for the last photos of the day.

What was the most stressful part to planning?

Definitely the paperwork, notarisation of documents and witness declaration for an overseas wedding. Because we eloped in secret, we obviously didn’t tell many people about it. So, when we needed to bring 4 witnesses to the Italian Consulate in Adelaide to sign our declaration of marriage documents in the middle of a week day… we didn’t know what to do! Luckily our travel agent (and all round awesome friend of ours) was able to come along, not only that, she brought her husband, mum and aunty (who are also Italian) we cannot thank her enough for helping us out!

Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

I get anxiety around stressful and exciting situations, and I was extremely anxious the night before our wedding. I made sure I had magnesium with me and I felt so calm and collected on the day, I absolutely swear by it!

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Trust the girls at GLL, I would have never tried on the Lottie, yet here I am, so glad I was able to wear it amongst such a complimentary location!


The Bride Wore: Lottie Gown, Henri Veil & Dosa Heels
The Groom Wore: P Johnson
Photographer: Antony Merat
Rings: GLL & Natalie Marie Jewellery
Videographer: Matteo Castelluccia
Venue: Ravello Town Hall Gardens
Catering: Dinner at Rossellinis Restaurant
Elopement Planner: Marry Me Abroad