Interview with Becky Allen, Grace Interior Designer

Stepping into one of our Grace boutiques is not your average bridal boutique experience.


We have always wanted our brides to think of our Grace Loves Lace bridal boutiques as an extension of our founder Megan Ziems’ own home. So, naturally, we have carefully crafted our showrooms so that your experience is true to our style and values; authentic, friendly and relaxed. And we couldn’t have done this without our extraordinary bridal boutique Interior Designer, Becky Allen.  

Becky has been working with the brand for many years now. She brings a sense of luxury, warmth and authenticity to our boutique spaces around the globe, differentiating the Grace Loves Lace boutiques from your average bridal shop or wedding dress boutique experience.

If you’re interested in interior design, or just want to learn different ways to style your own home, then Becky has some expert advice for you!

The rustic look of the Grace Loves Lace Miami showroom

314 NW 25th Street Miami FL 33127

Our bridal boutiques are such incredibly designed spaces, what inspirations do you draw on to stylise each of the grace loves lace showrooms?

Meg and I take inspiration from each building and area whilst keeping our aesthetic true to the brand, we want the space to feel welcoming and warm but have a rustic Mediterranean feel — but with a modern take.   

I treat every showroom as an extension of Meg’s down-to-earth beachside home in Queensland, Australia. The furniture found in Meg’s house is reflected in the interior pieces selected in each boutique, bringing a piece of her home into every Grace Loves Lace space.  

The chic Seattle Grace Loves Lace bridal salon
The long dining table with large clay pot in the Grace Loves Lace Seattle showroom

Suite A 5201 Ballard Ave NW Seattle WA 98107

Designing a boutique must be a time-consuming task. How do you plan out each space? Do you use mood boards, or do you just design as you go?

Initially we will have a mood board for each space, deciding on the sofa colours first and then I’ll tie all the other elements to match the sofa choices. The sofa choice usually depends on the wall, floor and ceiling colour. As the setup evolves, things will probably change slightly to make them work within the space. My favourite part is when you add something unexpected to a space because you feel it just works. So, it’s a bit of both, a bit of mood boarding and a bit of improvisation.  

The long cozy blush sofas in the London bridal showroom


58/59 Charlotte Rd, Hackney, London EC2A 3QT, UK

We know it’s hard to pick favourites... but we want favourites! What are your 3 favourite pieces of furniture across all 13 showrooms?

Oh, that is hard… I love the whole front display in the Dallas boutique. It is one of my favourite areas I have ever styled, it just worked so well in the space. I also love the large leather sofa used in the Sydney boutique. 

Mediterranean style decor and brown leather couch in white space
Inside the Dallas Grace Loves Lace bridal shop

1411 Dragon St, Dallas, TX 75207, USA

Interiors is notoriously hard to break into. How did you get into interior design?

I was a trained visual merchandiser for years but always loved interiors, so it just seemed like the perfect progression for me.   

What is your favourite part about your job at Grace Loves Lace?

I love the values of the brand and how they haven’t changed as the company has grown. I also love working with Meg and that I’m trusted to do what I think works creatively for the brand and I have the freedom to make each showroom space beautiful and unique.   

Large white arches and spacious feel in the Grace Loves Lace San Diego showroom

1620 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

One for all of us at home desperately trying to emulate the Grace feel... What do you think is an essential item we all need in our own homes that lives in a Grace Loves Lace showroom space?

I love them all for different reasons and don’t think I have a favourite… I feel the more we do the more refined and luxurious they feel so it feels like they just keep getting better… having said that I do love the Melbourne space, I love all the little rooms, it’s made for some really effective and interesting styling areas — it feels really intimate and inviting.  

And back to favourites, of all the boutiques you’ve worked on, which is your favourite and why?

Plants… they can completely change the feel of a space and add warmth and atmosphere.  

Inside the Grace Loves Lace Melbourne showroom dressing room
Melbourne BOUTIQUE

232 Bank Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Who other interior designers do you admire... so we can swiftly follow them on Instagram for even more styling inspo?

I love Athena Calderone of Eyeswoon and Jeremiah Brent.   

How do you go about making each of the boutique feel intimate and ‘homey’?

As we use a lot of natural textures like raw wood and clay, I like to balance this with the softer elements like linen and rugs… rugs and plants have a big impact of making a space feel homey.  

We took inspiration from Meg’s own home where she has Mediterranean inspired rugs and native plants; these ‘homey’ elements have been reflected in each boutique space to bring a piece of Meg’s home to each boutique location.

Exposed brick and Grace Loves Lace dress in the Denver showroom
Blush earthy tones inside the Denver Grace Loves Lace bridal shop

Dairy Block

Suite 100, 1821 Blake Street Denver CO 80202 USA

What tool can’t you live without when designing each showroom space?

What interior advice do you have for those who are wanting to style their own spaces similarly to Grace.

Don’t be scared to mix up all your pieces… one of the key elements to the Grace boutiques is the mixture of old and new. We use a lot of different wood tones and nothing is too matchy matchy. 

Inside the white space Sydney flagship Grace Loves Lace bridal showroom

Located Alongside The Grounds of Alexandria

7C/41-43 Bourke Road Alexandria NSW

Here at Grace, we sell our gowns and accessories exclusively online and via our global bridal boutiques throughout Australia, UK and USA. These are the only spaces in the world where you can try on a Grace Loves Lace gown – which is why we aren’t your average wedding dress boutique experience.  

Each boutique is uniquely designed to give you the kind of experience we all dream of. You will be greeted by your personal stylist, with complimentary sparkling and our signature rose petal tea, who will take you through our luxurious sample range.

Your own private space, flooded with natural light, warm tones, textured rugs and gold accents; what more could a woman want!
You and your guests can relax while we help you find ‘The One’!